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2014 PQ Season Prices

Daily Swim Admission: $6/person (all ages) 

Single Season Pass:  $120 plus tax

Family Season Pass: $275 plus tax

(includes family of 4, each extra child $70)

Camping Fee: $18/person/1 night

$30/person/2 nights

Electric Sites $10/extra/night/site


Diving Admission: $20/day


2014 Dive Events:

July 19 & 20    D.A.N. BBQ

Saturday August 9th  Legends of Diving


30th Annual

Barbecue for DAN and Treasure Hunt

July 19th & 20th, 2014 at Portage Quarry

Benefiting the Divers Alert Network

Fun diving...great prizes, good food...plenty of fun people

regulators, dive vacations, underwater pictures, T-shirts, $$$thousands

a great time diving in Ohio, supporting the agency that supports us!

SATURDAY: Tater's Treasure Dive: 

Dive to find a numbered golf ball, turn it in for a prize drawing. FIND THE TATER, and win $100!! 

Entry fee $12.00

SUNDAY: Barbecue begins at noon:

Hamburgers, bratz, all the fixins! Soft drinks, cake and cookies.  Your dinner ticket is also your prize drawing ticket for thousands of dollars of prizes.

TA Dive Club--Scuba Ohio

D.A.N. Barbeque 2013

PQ was honored to once again host the Annual D.A.N. BBQ, sponsored by the T.A. Club of Reynoldsburg  Ohio.  The event was held on July 20th & 21st of this year here at Portage Quarry.

Dan Orr, the exiting President of D.A.N., was our guest speaker Saturday night at 8 pm. Although Dan announced his retirement from the organization, it is very clear that this is not the end of his very active involvement in the world of diving, but rather a new beginning. He will continue to advocate diving safety through his work as a dive instructor, as well as his writing.  We thank all the divers who came out to wish him well as he ends one chapter of his life and begins the next with the same passion he has always brought to his work.

Following Dan Orr's presentation was that of Rich Lauer, longtime member of the T.A. Club and OCSSDI (Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers, Inc). Rich shared highlights of his 40 years as a dive instructor in West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, as well as central and eastern Ohio. In addition to being an experienced instructor, Lauer is also a gifted and accomplished photographer and his lively presentation was peppered with his arresting underwater images. It was a special treat to have Rich's first dive student, as well as his most recent student, present for the occasion.

We wish to thank Tim Broderick and the entire T.A. Club for the all their hard work in making this D.A.N. Barbeque a fitting farewell to Dan and Betty Orr. Tim announced that Portage Quarry will once again be the location for next year's D.A.N. Barbeque...we hope to see you there!

DAN president, Dan Orr, presenting Jeff Rice with 1st DAN President's Award.
Dan will be our guest speaker Saturday night at 8 pm.
Rich Lauer (OCSSDI & TA Club), who is the dive instructor, is also giving a presentation at this year's event, following Dan's presentation.

Hansa HFB 320 Jet Information

Portage Quarry dive wreck, Hansa Jet, Scuba diving with swim through skin diving

This Hamburger Flugzeugbau GmbH manufactured HANSA jet will be at the heart of a training program for local rescue agencies including the Toledo Water Rescue team. Last in service with Grand Aire, with headquarters at Toledo (OH) Express airport, this HANSA jet was transported from the airport to Portage Quarry on August 24, 2006. Plans are to place the jet in 50 feet of water with the tail assembly starting at the 30-foot level. Look for more announcements on the sinking of this training jet in an area between Mike's rock and the bus. Click here for more information on this jet as it heads to its final resting place, 16 feet off Mike's Rock in 45 feet of water. Click here for more information on this jet as similar Hansa HFB 320s were manufactured in Germany. Click here for the September 25, 2006 press release. Click here for photos as the Hansa Jet is sunk in its final rest on September 30 and October 1.  (photo by Rich Lauer)



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PQ Awards

PQ Voted Dive Shop of the Year 2010 by the Scuba Museum

Jeff Rice received D.A.N.'s first President's Award 2010


Jeff Rice Member of

Platinum Pro 5000

since 2006

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The History of Portage Quarry as written by
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New Map of the quarry including emergency numbers and legends for location of dive sites

New insurance information requirement for Portage Quarry Dive Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Dive Masters. Remember, Instructors dive for free if they are with students and teaching a class. More Info

Sea Hunt: Diving had a big boost through the experiences and heroics of Mike Nelson. Click here for more information.

Zale Parry: Zale Parry is arguably the most famous female scuba diver in the world today. More Info.

Dive Log: Click here for PQ Video Footage shot by Christopher Guglielmo.

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